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Owner, Producer

A southern California native, DJ is an award winning producer that has been producing films and content for more than a decade. He began his career in the California Army National Guard and after his service which included a combat deployment to Iraq, decided to pursue his lifelong goal of working in the film industry.

During his time in school at New York Film Academy at Universal Studios, he found his passion for producing. Over his career he has produced a multitude of films, streaming content, and has had films premiere worldwide to include Madrid, New York, and the Cannes Film Festival. He takes pride in leading creative teams of people from all over the world.




A US Marine Combat Veteran, Mike is the co-founder of CL3 Productions, and has worked in production for his entire career after his service in the Military.


A specialist in operations and logistics for the company and film productions, he has many projects under his belt and in various stages of development.

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